Introducing Private Ticketing In ClearFeed: Manage Sensitive Support Requests in Slack With A Layer of Privacy

Introducing Private Ticketing In ClearFeed: Manage Sensitive Support Requests in Slack With A Layer of Privacy

Shipra Sharma
Shipra Sharma
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Introducing Private Ticketing In ClearFeed: Manage Sensitive Support Requests in Slack With A Layer of Privacy

Shipra Sharma
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Modern workspaces leverage Slack for a wide range of team interactions. While many common service requests such as technical support benefit from the collaboration and transparency of being in public channels - teams such as HR, Legal, and Finance often handle sensitive information that requires confidentiality and private communication channels. 

Recognizing the diverse needs of our customers, we’re thrilled to introduce ClearFeed’s Private Ticketing feature that empowers service teams to work with their users on Slack while ensuring confidential requests are kept private.

Let's delve into how teams can utilize Private Ticketing to manage sensitive requests efficiently and securely.

How Private Ticketing Works 

With ClearFeed’s Private Ticketing, users can now create requests privately - without having to post messages on multi-user Slack Channels. They can do so by posting a message or clicking on a File-Ticket widget on the ClearFeed Slack App. The resulting ticket is only visible to the requesting user and Support agents. Thus ensuring that sensitive issues can be filed privately. 

The process to create a private ticket on ClearFeed is straightforward:

  1. Go to the ClearFeed App from your Slack App drawer
  2. Click on the Messages section
  3. Type a message and send it.

All the private tickets created from the ClearFeed Slack app are stored in the Collection called ‘Slack App DM’ by default (A Collection in ClearFeed representing a set of tickets and requests subject to common policies). Support teams can configure for this collection based on their specific requirements. Some common configuration options include: 

Ticketing Settings

Admins can configure what kind of tickets are created via DMs to the ClearFeed app. As an example - tickets can be created in an external system like Zendesk, or within ClearFeed itself. They can configure which Forms apply to the ‘Slack App DM’ Collection. 

Triage Channel Configuration

Triage Channels in ClearFeed allow Agents to aggregate requests and tickets from many different sources into one Slack channel from where they can respond, collaborate in private, perform actions like edit ticket fields and receive SLA alerts. Admins can route private tickets created via the ‘Slack App DM’ collection to a new or an existing Triage channel. As an example - an IT team can route requests from public channels and DMs - all to one Triage Channel (or they can choose to keep them separate).

You can change the triage channel by clicking the dropdown menu and selecting a channel that you want to be configured as a new triage channel for this collection.

Virtual Agent

ClearFeed’s Virtual Agent uses OpenAI’s GPT-4 model in conjunction with knowledge sources (like documentation websites, KB articles and Wiki pages) stored in vector databases to automatically respond to Support requests. 

Activate the Virtual Agent and select appropriate knowledge sources to generate GPT-powered answers for private requests. The responses are posted directly in as a reply to the user message that was used to create the ticket (and a copy is also posted in the Triage channel). Users can mark a request as being resolved if the automated answer solves their problem. Conversely - both the user or the agents can dismiss the automated response at any time.

Customer Satisfaction Survey 

You can enable customer satisfaction surveys for private tickets to collect and analyze customer satisfaction scores post-resolution, offering insights into service quality.

Ticket Routing

Private Tickets can be of different types. What if Service teams want to route different types of requests to different Collections and Triage channels? This is now possible with ClearFeed.

The ‘Slack App DM’ collection can be put in a Routing mode. In this case - all private tickets are routed to one of the other Collections in ClearFeed depending on the options chosen by the user at ticket creation time. At ticket creation time - the user can pick the Collection to route the request to - and also fill out any forms applicable to that Collection as need be. 

Learn how to enable request routing in ClearFeed here

Wrapping Up 

ClearFeed's Private Ticketing feature enhances privacy and efficiency in handling sensitive workplace requests. It streamlines the resolution process for agents and assures employees their confidential issues are securely managed within Slack, fostering a culture of trust and efficiency within the organization. 

If you’d like to learn more about how the Private Ticketing feature can elevate slack-based support for your organization, you can reach out to us at or book a free demo with a support specialist here. You can also join our community Slack channel to try out the product for free.

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