Supercharge your Customer Service teams on Slack

ClearFeed monitors and syncs conversations across Slack and Ticketing systems, and nudges engineering and support teams to close customer conversations faster 

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Breakdown barriers between Slack and Ticketing tools

  • Create Tickets from entire Conversations on Slack.
  • Upload multiple messages & attachments with 1-click.
  • Stream Ticket updates back into Slack in real-time. 
  • Convert Slack discussions into private notes on tickets.

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AI Driven Automated Reminders on Slack

  • AI finds pending action items from Slack discussions.
  • Get team notifications for SLA breaches.
  • See daily reminders of pending action items.

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Insights on Slack Conversations

  • Track request volume, response, and closure times for capacity planning
  • Channelize product feedback by tagging customer conversations
  • Early warning signals based on customer sentiment score

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Bring customer discussions into internal channels

  • Connect discussions from different workspaces and channels to internal discussion channels.
  • Connect discussions on Intercom, Discord into Slack.
  • Easily enable private comments on customer threads.

Dashboard to review all customer requests in single panel

Advanced filters like request type, support agent, CSM, request status and priority 

Custom views by customer groups and request type to stay on top of things 

Single panel to review status of all open customer requests and Tickets 


Keep everyone updated on progress of Tickets on Slack

Real-time updates and comments from JIRA / Zendesk to flow back to the specific Slack Threads 

Post private and public messages on ticketing systems from Slack 

Auto-update CSMs on high priority tickets and escalations on their accouts on Slack


Supercharge your customer support workflow

Whether its automated filing of tickets or updating customers on status of their requests - ClearFeed workflows has got it covered.

  • New

    Zendesk Integration

    Club multiple messages with attachments into single story and flie a ticket to zendesk from slack channels. 

  • New

    JIRA Integration

    Two-way sync of comments and status between JIRA and Slack

  • Slack Alerts

    Program SLAs by customer and responder type and setup escalations to Slack DMs, Triage Channels or Emails.

  • Custom Webhooks

    Build a custom workflow by exposing a webook and we'll ping you with new requests.

Secure from Day 1

ClearFeed was built from the ground up by an experienced team with security, privacy, and compliance prioritized from day one.  

SOC2 Type 1 Certified

The most comprehensive certification that our system is designed to keep our customers’ sensitive data secure.
Soc2 typ1

Secure encryption of data

All customer data is encrypted at rest and in transit, and access is protected behind your enterprise SSO.
Clearfeed security

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