Collaborate seamlessly with customers across tools

ClearFeed bridges the boundaries between Slack, Ticketing systems and Knowledge-Bases. It escalates important requests and provides service level metrics and conversational insights on Slack.

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ClearFeed dashboard

Immediate tangible value

2-3 Hours

Saved per rep per week


Reduction in response time


Improved CSAT scores


Reduction in SLA Breaches
Learn how ClearFeed helps Auryc (Acq. Heap Analytics) to reduce response times and offer a great experience to their customers on Slack.

Powerful bi-directional integration between Slack and Ticketing

Enable users to talk to support team from slack
Let support team reply to slack from ticketing system
Retrieve ticket details and subscribe for updates from slack
Escalate tickets and post internal notes to tickets from slack
Breakdown barriers between Slack and Ticketing tools

Answer repeated questions on slack from knowledge base

Integrate Slack with existing knowledge base
Suggest matching KB links or old slack responses
Gather real-time feedback on utility of suggestions
Bring customer discussions into internal channels

Measure service metrics on slack to scale slack-based support

Measure request load, response time and closure time.
Configure and measure SLA breaches.
Insights on Slack Conversations

Stay on top of customer issues that need attention on slack

Reminders for open queries on slack for a given duration.
AI assistant flags escalation, frustration, churn-risk, urgency
Notifications on Slack DMs, Channels, Emails, or any webhook.
AI Driven Automated Reminders on Slack

Solutions for different teams on slack

Customer Slack Channels

Scale customer support on slack to 100s of customers with bi-directional ticketing integrations, SLA reporting and reminders for open queries.

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Support Escalation Desk

Automate ticket & knowledge base look-up and escalation management from Slack.

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IT Help Desk

Support internal employees on Slack with detailed service metrics and bi-directional ticketing integrations.

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Secure from Day 1

ClearFeed was built from the ground up by an experienced team with security, privacy, and compliance prioritized from day one.
Soc 2 complaint

SOC2 Type 1 Certified

The most comprehensive certification that our system is designed to keep our customers’ sensitive data secure.

Secure encryption of data

All customer data is encrypted at rest and in transit, and access is protected behind your enterprise SSO.

Supercharge customer collaboration on Slack

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