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Introducing ClearFeed Announcements

Rishi Raj Mullur

As customers turn to Slack channels to collaborate with their vendors, it’s essential for organizations to equip their customer support and success teams with the tools they need to effectively track and respond to every query. But with many customers reaching out through Slack, it can be difficult to keep up with the ever-increasing number of channels. As the number of channels the team manages on Slack grows, so does the risk of important customer requests slipping through the cracks, breaching SLAs and not getting closed out.

This is why we built ClearFeed, to help teams scale support on Slack with customers, to track and close all requests in a timely manner and to be able to measure and generate insights from your Slack channel, allowing for a great experience for both customers and support teams.

One of the common challenges with collaborating with customers over Slack at scale is make announcements in bulk. Sending out new release notes or letting your customers know about planned downtime via Slack meant copying the same messages across several different channels and uploading attachments each time. This is a tedious and time-consuming process that takes away from the focus of solving issues for the customer. As one of our early users said:

“If we can push communication on Slack, we can use that as another vehicle for us to announce new features, or correspondingly if you’re having a service impact and we know it’s affecting these customers, we can push these updates rather than wait for them to report these issues.”

- Greg Bakken, Head of Technical Services at Glean

To solve these problems, we are rolling out ClearFeed Announcements, allowing you to broadcast a message with attachments across any number of Slack channels.

Single Message, Multiple Channels
Once you create a single message and add your attachments, ClearFeed will send it to all your customer channels. Test your announcements and choose a channel to receive the message you will be sending across all your channels. Announcements also allow you to choose the user to send the message, so you can send the message as any user from your workspace.

Send messages at the right moment
Create a draft and schedule your message to be sent when your customers are active. ClearFeed will let you know when the message has been delivered via Slack notifications.

Group channels together
Create Collections, and choose individual channels or the entire collection of channels to send the Announcements. Make it easier and more organized for your teams to send out messages.

View all your Announcements
Through ClearFeed, you’ll be able to track all your sent, draft, or schedule messages. You’ll be able to edit or delete your scheduled or draft messages before they are sent out.

We’re excited to see how organizations using Slack will use Announcements to make their customer experience better. Try it out for your organization and make sure your teams never miss out on reaching out to your customers. If you are looking for a partner in helping you manage and scale customer success and support on Slack & Teams - do write to us at hello@clearfeed.ai. Get started for free and give your team more time to focus on what really matters - delivering top-notch customer service.