Scale support on Slack to 100s of customers

ClearFeed helps you collaborate with customers within Slack using bi-directional ticketing integrations, automated reminders and 100% visibility into service metrics

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Immediate tangible value


2-3 Hours

Saved per repper week

Visiblity svg


Visibility into service metrics

Increase svg


Improved CSAT scores



Reduction in SLA Breaches


Stay on top of all customer requests

Reminders on customer requests with no responses
Configure Escalation workflows on SLA breaches.
Notifications on Slack DMs, Channels, Emails, or any webhook.


Answer repeated questions from Knowledge-Base

Integrate Slack with existing knowledge base
Suggest matching KB links or old Slack responses
Gather real-time feedback on utility of suggestions


Retrieve ticket details in Slack

Retrieve ticket details on mention of ticket id on Slack
Subscribe to updates against a ticket on single Slack thread
Escalate tickets and post internal notes seamlessly from Slack
Get updates on all open tickets before client meetings
No need for light licenses on ticketing systems


Review detailed analytics across Slack channels

Request load and response times by channel and assignees
Breaches against configured SLAs and business hours


Powerful two-way integration between Slack and Ticketing

Create a live session with support team from Slack.
Send long Slack thread with attachments to tickets with 1-click.
Keep Slack thread and Ticket synchronized, in real-time.


Review conversations across multiple channels in single panel

Convert unstructured chat across threads to distinct requests.
Web dashboard to consolidate conversations across channels
Use filters like request owners, SLA status, open tickets