Intuitive Slack-first support for IT help desks

Automate your ITSM processes inside Slack with 100% visibility into service metrics and bi-directional integrations with ticketing systems.

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Immediate tangible value


2-3 Hours

Saved per rep per week

Visiblity svg


Visibility into service metrics

Increase svg


Improved CSAT scores



Reduction in SLA Breaches

Workflows purpose built for slack augmented support to meet your teams where they work

Nobody wants to go to a portal to get help

Slack first employee experience

Resolve short requests within Slack

Track metrics on Slack using ClearFeed

Convert into tickets for longer requests

Use emoticons to create tickets from slack

Keep tickets & slack synced always

Everyone works from where they want

Create tickets on each slack message

Configure ticket creation on each customer request

Measure support metrics on Slack

Request load, first response & closure time

Setup escalation workflows

Alert team if SLA is breached in any channel

Breakdown metrics by slack and tickets

Review metrics across slack and tickets

Triage requests within Slack

Assign and take requests with a single click on Slack

Manager dashboard to review all requests

Filters like Agent, SLA, Status, Date and Priority

Intelligent Self Serve Support

Suggest answers from existing KB


Slack-first helpdesk for faster resolution

Solve short requests without creating tickets.
Track all Slack conversations for service metrics.
Use emoticons to signal assignment and closure.

Slack Ticket blue

Convert Slack threads into Tickets

Integrate Slack with Ticketing systems.
Auto-create tickets on new messages, or...
Use emoticons to trigger tickets.
Send entire Slack threads to the ticket.

Sync pink

Keep Slack and Tickets synced, in real-time

Let teams work from where they want.
Sync updates from the ticket into the Slack thread.
Sync comments from the Slack thread into the ticket.
Auto-update Slack threads on ticket closure.

Analytics  yellow

Measure support metrics on Slack

Track request volume by channel and agents.
Track first response, average response & closure time
Make work visible and recognize team's contributions
Break-down metrics by Slack-only and Slack-and-Ticketing

Escalate pink

Escalations on SLA breaches

Configure SLA breaches on response times.
Setup business hours and holidays for SLA management.
Get real-time notifications on SLA breaches.
Configure notifications on Slack DMs, Channels, Email.

Dashboard blue

Manager dashboard

Advanced filters like agent, SLA, status, date.
Review requests with SLA breaches.
Review requests that have low CSAT scores.
Review requests of specific category of issues.