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How Auryc used ClearFeed to provide a delightful customer experience on Slack

With Amod Setlur, Head of Product at Auryc
Auryc -  Amod Setlur

Company Goal

Transform the way companies identify, value, and prioritize building better user experiences that exceed customer expectations


San Francisco, California, USA




Auryc is a leader in customer experience analytics that helps businesses build smarter digital experiences. They are used by brands like Cole Haan, United Vacations, and Party City to better understand and optimize customer experience online.

Using a complex product like Auryc requires close collaboration with customers and Auryc frequently uses Slack and Microsoft Teams to keep in close touch with customers. This presented challenges as the customer base scaled and it became difficult to keep track of customer requests and respond to them consistently within an SLA.

When ClearFeed launched a product to monitor and connect Slack channels to various enterprise tools, Auryc saw an opportunity to address these long-standing challenges. After using ClearFeed - they were were able to consistently respond to customers within a SLA, were able to convert and connect discussions on Slack to Zendesk tickets easily, and get insights into customer engagement and response metrics on Slack.

A Silicon Valley success story

Founded in 2016 by Jinlin Wang, Amod Setlur and Feng Shao - Auryc aims to reimagine how data on a user’s digital experience is collected. The founders started Auryc with a goal to combine digital analytics, session replay and voice of customer data into one natively integrated solution.
As of 2022, Auryc was rated as a Leader in the Session Replay software category on G2 Crowd with notable customers like Cole-Haan, United Vacations and In June 2022, Auryc was acquired by Heap Analytics - the leading Digital Insights platform in the world. Customer Success is one of the core tenets at Auryc as summarized nicely on their web-site:

Customer Success - Clearfeed

Challenges in scaling Slack Connect

With Slack being the de-facto platform of collaboration at both Auryc and many of their customers, it made sense to collaborate with customers using Slack Connect. Key team members at Auryc were literally like an extended part of their customer’s teams. According to co-founder and Head of Product, Amod Setlur: 

“Customers today want partners and not vendors”

This close collaboration was difficult to scale though. While it was easy to answer 3-4 customers promptly on Slack during initial stages, it was quite a different matter to handle tens of customers. The team at Auryc saw the following issues:

  • Difficult to make sure that all customer requests were attended to. Every once in a while - the ball would get dropped.

  • Customer requests are hard to track in Ticketing/Issue-management systems. Customers often had wish lists that were important to keep track of in a system of record. Yet this was difficult to do easily and consistently, particularly when conversations were long and involved attachments.

  • Difficult to get an understanding of customer engagement level on Slack. Doing so required sifting through scores of channels by hand and that was just not practical at scale.

It was when Auryc was grappling with these issues that they found ClearFeed.

Why ClearFeed?

ClearFeed was started with a goal to convert unstructured data in an enterprise to actionable information. We met Amod when we pre-announced our product in late 2021 and he was able to immediately identify the opportunity to solve his long standing scaling issues with Slack Connect using ClearFeed’s solution for Customer Slack Channels. 

In short ClearFeed’s solution solved three key problems for Amod’s team:

  • ClearFeed is able to detect pending requests from customers and is able to alert customer facing teams within a stipulated time period. This allows customer success and support teams to always be able to respond to customer requests in time.

    Clearfeed Zendesk Ticket Condition
Clearfeed Zendesk Ticket Condition
  • ClearFeed brings Ticketing systems into Slack - allowing members to create tickets out of long conversations and multiple attachments, or to connect a Slack thread to a Ticket with bi-directional synchronization of comments and status updates.

    Clearfeed Zendesk Ticket Condition
Clearfeed Zendesk Ticket Condition
File a zendesk ticket
  • ClearFeed provides comprehensive insights into service-metrics (like response times) and engagement levels (like number of discussions and messages) on customer Slack channels.

    Clearfeed Integration  InsightClearfeed Mobile Insight

Implementing the solution involved a few simple steps and Auryc was able to Go-Live within hours:

  • Installing ClearFeed Slack application to Auryc’s customer facing Slack workspace.

  • Adding the ClearFeed app to all the customer facing channels.

  • Configuring workflows in ClearFeed to send alerts if customer requests are not answered in a timely manner.

  • Authorizing ClearFeed to access Zendesk and mapping specific emoji reactions on Slack to filing ticket and establishing bi-directional sync to it.

In addition, Auryc was able to leverage two advanced features in ClearFeed:

  • Send notifications from one Slack workspace to another: ClearFeed is able to deliver alerts to any webhook. By creating a webhook in Slack and leveraging this ability in ClearFeed - Auryc was able to deliver alerts triggered from their external, customer Slack workspace - to their internal Slack workspace.

  • Apply different SLAs to different customers: Auryc was also able to group their customer channels into different Collections based on their business priority and set different SLA timeouts for each.


Implementing ClearFeed had a dramatic impact on the productivity of Auryc’s customer success and support teams and customer happiness. Some of the key changes are summarized below

Before ClearFeed
After ClearFeed
Delayed responses to customer messages on Slack
Customer requests were often missed.

Even when users were aware that something needed a response - they were not able to locate the messages easily.

Managers and executives would frequently scan customer Slack channels to make sure every issue was taken care of.
CS team is now automatically notified of any pending customer requests in real-time.

They are also able to identify pending customer requests from ClearFeed’s web dashboard and browse requests across multiple customer channels from one place.

Managers no longer have to browse customer channels periodically.
Tickets are painful to File
Lot of time was spent downloading screenshots and then re-uploading them back to ticketing systems.

The friction in this process meant that tracking tickets were often not filed.

Or when tickets were filed, they were often missing the full context
With ClearFeed’s single click ticket filing widget, this entire process was made frictionless.

The entire context of the discussion was also visible to Support agents, reducing their work in looking for supporting context.
Tickets and updates are not visible to Customers
Customers didn't have visibility whether the issues they reported were being tracked in a ticketing system.

They were also not notified of updates to any ticket that was created. Neither could they respond to ticket updates from within Slack.
Customers can now immediately see when tickets are filed on the issues they have reported.

They are able to see updates on the tickets and also communicate with Support personnel on Zendesk in real-time.

An unexpected aspect of filing tickets directly from Slack was the resultant customer delight. As per Amod:

"The perception of customers of our responsiveness has seen a huge improvement"

Looking Forward

A happy customer inevitably asks for more. Auryc has two items in the wishlist for ClearFeed:

  • “When are you supporting Microsoft Teams?” : Many of Auryc’s customers use Microsoft Teams exclusively and they expect the same sort of customer experience to be available over Teams as well. This is particularly important for Enterprise customers today.

  • “Can we collect customer feedback from Slack?”: As per Amod - the best time to ask for feedback is when we have resolved a customer issue. A simple thumbs up/down in Slack could provide a frictionless way for customers to give feedback on Slack.

Like Auryc, we also wish these wishlist items turn to reality soon!

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