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BENlabs & ClearFeed - the IT Helpdesk challenge

With Andy Kwan, Senior Director of Infrastructure at BEN labs
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At BEN, our vision is to be the architect, destination, and protector of the creator economy, and through our lines of business – BEN, TubeBuddy and Greenlight – it is our mission to continually inspire and empower individuals to create entertainment, content, and art.


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BENlabs amplifies brands through their industry-leading AI, influencer content, TV productions, movies, streaming shows, and music.

The App Support Team at BENlabs is primarily responsible for software administration tasks, but it also serves as a general IT help desk and provides software support. Led by Western Nelson and Sue Ann, this five-member team diligently works to support and resolve any IT-related issues, from a simple password reset to bug fixing requests, along with software administrative tasks for internal teams within the company.

The great IT Helpdesk challenge:

When Western took charge of the team, he noticed a pattern where the employees were slowly shifting to Slack as their primary channel of communication instead of sending an email or raising a Jira ticket for IT-related issues. The reason behind this shift pointed to quicker response time and faster resolution as the driving factor.

In the meantime - the Helpdesk team was keeping track of their daily work on Jira, requiring them to copy and paste their status updates from Slack to Jira. This resulted in too much manual effort. There were also no metrics around the work being done in Slack. The overall challenges could be summarized as:

  • It was difficult to keep track requests that were coming in via Slack channels

  • There was no clarity on who is working on a specific request reported on Slack, the request status or how many requests were being resolved on a particular day. 

  • It was difficult to measure team and individual productivity as time spent on Slack was never accounted for.

  • A major part of the day was spent scrubbing the channel, isolating and categorizing requests from conversations, and filing them as tickets in Jira.

In summary, the team was looking for an internal ticketing system within Slack to create, track and update requests and with the ability to convert such requests to tickets in Jira easily - without the need to shuttle between two platforms. That’s when BENlabs came across ClearFeed, a Slack-first solution for managing requests on Slack.

Why ClearFeed?

ClearFeed's software monitors request channels on Slack and identifies new or followup employee requests with the help of AI. Agents can then assign, reply and resolve such requests. Deploying the ClearFeed app on their Slack channels allowed BENlabs to:

  • Respond in a timely manner to all user requests: Delayed responses on any new or followup user requests are detected by ClearFeed's software and notified to the App Support team.

  • Track ownership and status of all user requests: IT team members could take ownership of and resolve requests using Emojis in Slack. ClearFeed's dashboards allows the team to easily find out unresolved or unassigned requests and take care of them.

  • Convert Slack threads to Jiras easily: With ClearFeed's Jira Service Management (JSM) integration, the App Support team could create easily tickets - using a ticket emoji - for any requests that could not be resolved in Slack. The bi-directional sync offered the team an effortless way of keep Slack and tickets in sync and provide visibility to the users on the progress of the tickets.

  • Get access to Service Metrics on Slack: ClearFeed reports key service metrics like request load, response times, time to closure and first touch resolution percentage. These metrics are critical for year-end reviews, tracking the use and allocation of resources, and understanding individual contributions. The team manager is now able to have a clear picture of the hours spent by the App Support Team on Slack and the time taken to resolve requests both individually and collectively.

As Sue Ann said: "More metrics, more info is always appreciated"

"More metrics, more info is always appreciated"


In short, ClearFeed’s integration had a noticeable impact on the App Support Team's operational efficiency. Here is a quick summary of BENlabs before and after the ClearFeed integration.

Before ClearFeed
After ClearFeed
There was no clarity on who was handling specific requests in Slack and an easy way to find open or unassigned requests.
The team now takes ownership of requests using emoji actions and avoids duplicated work amongst team members. Any unassigned or unresolved requests can easily be obtained from ClearFeed.
Manual Efforts
Significant manual effort was spent in scrubbing the channel, finding requests that needed a response - and filing them as tickets in JSM.
The team is now automatically alerted of any delayed responses and does not need to scrub channels. Using ticket emojis and two-way sync - the manual effort expended in keeping Slack and JSM in sync has reduced drastically.
Productivity measure
There were no metrics for the work being done by the team in Slack.
The team manager now has a clear view of the overall request load, key service metrics like response & closure times and first touch resolution percentage for the activity being done by his team in Slack.

What is on BENlabs wishlist ?

An automated customer satisfaction survey was at the top of the request pile from BENlabs. This feature would help them analyze their internal customer satisfaction scores after closing a request on Slack. Well, this is something many other customers are also asking for - and we are working on it right now!

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