Broadcast Product updates in Slack. In under 5 minutes.

Simplify your broadcast across customer channels with ClearFeed Announcements. Craft, schedule, and monitor messages with ease.

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Single Message, Multiple Channels

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Create a single message and send it across your chosen channels.

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Use markdown to create your message.

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Add code blocks, attachments & all Slack’s native capabilities.


Send messages at the right moment

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Schedule your messages in advance to be sent.

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Collaborate on messages in Slack before sending them.

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Receive real-time delivery notifications through Slack.


Group Channels Together

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Group channels using Collections.

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Broadcast to individual channels or an entire collection.

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Share release notes, and critical bugs with customers.


Manage & Track Announcements

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View all your sent, draft, and scheduled messages.

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Send a test announcement before broadcasting.

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Edit or delete your scheduled messages before they are sent out.


Track All Responses

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Customer responses to announcements are automatically tracked by ClearFeed.

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Respond to customers from a central Triage channel.

Featured Articles

See What Our Customers Have to Say !

"There are scenarios where we have to send out communications to the entire customer base and simplify the whole copy-paste exercise you have to go through when you're one person making that announcement to everybody."

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Tom Walker

Head of Customer Support Engineering


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“The Product Broadcast feature helps save me tons of time every week by allowing me to send an update across specific collections of channels.”

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Ajay Srinath

Chief Operating Officer


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“If we can push communication on Slack, we can use that as another vehicle for us to announce new features, or correspondingly if you’re having a service impact and we know it’s affecting these customers, we can push these updates rather than wait for them to report these issues.”

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Greg Baken

Head of Technical Services


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Scale support to 100s of customers on Slack

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