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Work seamlessly across Freshdesk & Slack

Sync status/comments between Slack threads & Freshdesk in real-time. Convert threads & attachments to tickets in 1-click. Enable Engineers and CSMs to collaborate on tickets.

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Bi-directional Sync between Slack & Freshdesk

Collaborate across the team on tickets and work from the platform of your choice.

Native Connector

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Cannot convert existing threads to tickets
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Doesn’t support attachment and images sync
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Only support agents can respond to ticket
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Upto 20 Slack channels can be connected
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Team collaboration on a ticket is limited
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No automatic ticket creation from Slack
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Let's stop taking tickets over Slack

With ClearFeed

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Apply emoji anytime to convert thread to ticket
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Sync Slack thread attachments to ticket
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Let anyone respond to tickets on Slack
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Connect unlimited number of Slack channels
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Collaborate on a ticket across teams
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Auto-create tickets on messages from customers
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Work seamlessly across Slack and Freshdesk

Craft a workflow for you & your team


Convert Slack Threads to Freshdesk Tickets

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AI detects new requests from Slack messages

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AI generates titles and descriptions

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Upload all messages & attachments with 1-click

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Subscribe threads to ticket status updates


Automatically Convert requests to Freshdesk tickets

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Configure emoji based or automatic ticket creation

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Convert every customer request to new Freshdesk ticket

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Requesters continue to reply on Slack thread

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Support team can view & respond from Freshdesk


Edit Freshdesk Tickets within Slack

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Update ticket priority & assignee on Slack

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Auto ticket re-open on new customer messages


Chat with Support Agents on Slack

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Create a live session with Support from Slack

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Slack messages and Ticket comments synced in real-time

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Tracking, reporting, and SLAs stay within FreshDesk


Collaborate across teams on Slack

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Engg/PMs can respond to tickets from Slack

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Agents can respond from Slack or Freshdesk

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All responses on Slack logged in Freshdesk

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Collaborate privately on Slack using Triage channels

Pricing based on usage

File up to 80 tickets/month - free!

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Secure from Day 1

ClearFeed was built from the ground up by an experienced team with security, privacy, and compliance prioritized from day one.

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SOC2 Type 2 Certified

Secure encryption of data

See What Our Customers Have to Say !

5.0 rating

"Simple, Seamless Integration to handle customer support from Slack"

Clearfeed is super simple to use. Zero fluff, maximum utility.

Partha Pratim C.

Program Manager - Product


5.0 rating

"Exactly what we needed !"

Clearfeed allows us to scale our homely approach to customer support through Slack.

Kevin C.

Support & QA Manager at testRigor


5.0 rating

"Game changing for managing Customer Slack channels"

ClearFeed has streamlined our response & escalation process.

Barrett S.

Chief of Staff | Operations | Customer Success


5.0 rating

"Essential to build and scale customer success"

Clearfeed has helped us expand our premium support & success processes to across 100s of customer channels.

Naveen K.

Founder's Office - Success


5.0 rating

"Super easy way to handle customer support on Slack"

Their slack automation around SLAs and notifications (especially the triage feature) is super helpful.

Vignesh M.

Product Onboarding & Implementation


5.0 rating

"Amazing experience using clearfeed"

SLA feature really helps teams to be on top of all messages and not miss any messages

Kartik A.

Chief Technology Officer


5.0 rating

"It's keeping me in order."

It is very helpful for keeping track of pending tasks and getting notified so we don't miss anything.

Bhishmendra M.

Software Engineer

Small-Business (50 or fewer emp.)

4.9 rating

"Reliable and user-friendly"

The customer service team at Clearfeed has always been prompt and professional in addressing any issues we have had.

Naman M.

Software Engineer


5.0 rating

"Great product with incredible support"

Automatic creation of issues from Slack threads means conversations are less likely to be missed.

Toby J.

Lead Solutions Architect


5.0 rating

"Helped us manage twice the channels with the same support team"

Statistics are a great bonus feature for us.

Prashant D.

Founding Member | CISO | Customer Success


Scale support to 100s of customers on Slack

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Integrates bi-directionally with your team's existing stack