How to Connect Slack and Zendesk

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The Slack for Zendesk Support integration provides a variety of features that facilitate effective communication and ticket management within your team. Below, I'll guide you on how to install this integration and highlight its key features.

Features of Slack for Zendesk Support Integration

Ticket Event Notifications in Slack
Administrators can set specific conditions using triggers in Zendesk to send notifications to chosen Slack channels. These notifications include information about various Zendesk Support ticket events.

Creating New Tickets from Slack
Slack users can create a new Zendesk Support ticket directly from within Slack, catering to internal use cases that require a quick shift from a Slack discussion to a formal support ticket.

Side Conversations
Agents can initiate and engage in Slack threads via side conversations in a ticket, allowing for seamless cross-platform communication.

Answer Bot for Slack
This feature incorporates Answer Bot into selected Slack channels. The bot helps resolve questions by providing suggestions from your Guide knowledge base.

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How to Install the Slack for Zendesk Support Integration

Please note: You need administrative privileges in Zendesk Support and permission to install apps in the Slack workspace. This integration cannot be installed on a shared Slack workspace (i.e., one that you do not own but to which you've been invited as an external user).

Here are the steps to connect Zendesk and Slack:

Step #1  Log into your company's Slack workspace.

Step #2 Visit the Slack for Zendesk Support Integration page at

Step #3 Click "Allow".

Step #4 Enter your Zendesk subdomain, agree to the terms and conditions, and click "Next". 

The installation is now complete.

Step #5 To access your workspace configuration settings, head over to the Admin Center. 

Click on "Apps and integrations" in the sidebar, then select "Integrations" > "Integrations". In the Slack section, click "View".

Note: If your Slack "Approve apps" permission setting is off, another instance installation might disrupt the integration. It's advised to either enable the "Approve apps" setting in Slack or instruct your Slack users not to reinstall the integration.

Now, you are all set to leverage the benefits of the Slack for Zendesk Support integration, enhancing your team's productivity and communication!

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