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ClearFeed indexes Documentation, KBs and private Wikis, increases efficiency with automated AI-generated responses on Slack and continually captures knowledge from Slack channels into KBs and FAQs.

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Deflect Common Queries

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AI-Powered Auto-Response Mechanism

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Agentless Support Issue Resolution

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Instant Customer Response

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Incorporates Public Docs, FAQs, and KBs

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AI-Powered Agent Assistant

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AI-Suggested Responses from Private & Public Data

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One-Click Relevant Search

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Editable Pre-Response Suggestions

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Enhanced Response Quality & Speed


Capture Knowledge from Slack

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Active Slack Monitoring by ClearFeed

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Discovers FAQ Additions & Updates

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Agent-Approved FAQ Enhancements

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Configurable Workflows

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Tag different Knowledge Sources

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Categorize Customers into Collections

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Configure Knowledge Sources by Collection

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Configure Knowledge Sources for Agents

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Customizable Auto-Response features


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Federated Search

Maximize Existing Enterprise Search Investments
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"It’s interesting to have a combination of a previous set of canned responses by the support engineering team for customer requests, and the official Kubernetes documentation as input to the large language model to form a hybrid approach and be able to help our customers with automatic responses."

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Shravan Ashok

Principal Technical Program Manager


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