ClearFeed Raises $2.7M to Fuel Slack & Teams-Based Customer Service

ClearFeed Raises $2.7M to Fuel Slack & Teams-Based Customer Service

Joydeep Sen Sarma
Joydeep Sen Sarma
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ClearFeed Raises $2.7M to Fuel Slack & Teams-Based Customer Service

Joydeep Sen Sarma
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Today, ClearFeed announced $2.7M in Seed funding, led by Peak XV's Surge, with participation from 8VC and other investors. Additionally, we have reported growing 10x in revenues this year with usage at over 100 organizations globally and the general availability of GPT-powered answers on our platform. This is an important milestone for us as we celebrate facilitating modern chat-based customer and employee service desks across some of the fastest-growing companies in the world - while assembling a world-class team and the investor base to power the next stage of our journey.

The Advent of Collaborative Support

Since the advent of chat-based communication within enterprises, starting with Slack and recently MS Teams and Google Chat, there has been a strong trend to move from a transactional ticketing paradigm to a collaborative one. These days - customers want more than a vendor - they want partners who are easily accessible when needed. This shift towards collaborative support is driven by genuine business needs. In an age of usage-based revenue models, collaborating with customers is the key to unblocking use cases and revenues. 

These trends are also very strong within companies where employees want to collaborate rapidly with service provider teams - tagging their teammates and expecting responses in real time.

However, the widespread adoption of chat platforms has also led to a sense of noise and attendant stress. Without an ability to track conversations, respond in time, and close them out - the promise of fast collaboration quickly leads to disappointment. Without a centralized queue designed for teamwork, Service teams are overwhelmed. Meanwhile, easier access to service teams also leads to more questions - many of them repetitive.

Democratizing AI for the Workplace

We are also living in the age of ChatGPT. The revolution in natural language processing is breathtaking. Yet, the job of applying it in conversational contexts where knowledge workers spend the majority of their time is a puzzle that is yet to be solved.

Two years ago, we started ClearFeed with this simple goal - how do we bring NLP to bear on the problem of information overload that knowledge workers face daily? Can AI better help keep track of everyday conversations, prioritize and escalate them where required, and help workers with the required knowledge and context to simplify their work?

An Amazing Cast of Design Partners

Since the launch of our Beta product in early 2022 - we were fortunate to find several amazing design partners who have helped us create a powerful product to scale customer and employee service over Slack. 

Teleport, for example, is the leading provider of secure connectivity solutions. We worked with Teleport’s team to monitor hundreds of customer Slack channels, with rich APIs to integrate ClearFeed-tracked requests on Slack with downstream applications. In the words of Alexander Klizhentas, CTO:

"We use ClearFeed at Teleport's 100+ slack channels in our community workspace. It's a must-have for any company supporting customers in Slack,"

Atlan Data, the active metadata platform for modern data teams, uses ClearFeed to bridge Support teams on Zendesk with customers on Slack. Ashwin Murali, Director of Customer Success, shared his experience of using ClearFeed:

"We operate 100's of slack channels for customers, Clearfeed made it much simpler to manage them, with deep integrations between Slack and Zendesk"

Today, scores of prominent technology teams - including names like Chronosphere, Coreweave, Acryl Data, CastAI, testRigor, BigEye and - are using ClearFeed to provide personalized service to their customers on Slack and scaling internal collaboration around customer issues. To our valued customers and users - A BIG THANKS - we couldn’t have come this far without you!

Looking Forward

The last year has been exhilarating as we have scaled up as a team and shipped features weekly on an accelerating basis. One of our important learnings has been integrating with existing enterprise tools in modern chat-based helpdesks. The product has come a long way with eight integrations, key features like SLA Alerts, Triage Channels, and Announcements, and AI-driven functions like Prioritization, Boundary Detection in chat rooms, and Automated Answers.

Timeline of ClearFeed product evolution

We are excited about what comes next - starting with ClearFeed for Microsoft Teams, the most complex project we have yet undertaken. One of the most satisfying things in this journey has been building a world-class team of engineers, product designers, and marketers who are helping realize our vision.

ClearFeed team at a recent offsite

Thanks to our investors - Anandamoy Roychowdhary at PeakXV and Bhaskar Ghosh at 8VC, and a fantastic group of operator angels for backing us and being our champions. We look forward to our continued partnership on this journey and delivering the delight of faster and easier customer and employee service to thousands of companies one day.

Read the press release here

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