How to Collaborate on Freshdesk Tickets within Slack

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Most of us are familiar with Freshdesk - a ticketing system transforming how businesses manage customer support. On the other hand, we have Slack, a collaborative tool that redefined workplace team communication. But what if we told you that you can now merge the strengths of these two powerful tools? 

Imagine resolving tickets faster with real-time communication, working with different team members on the same page, and leveraging collective wisdom, all from within your friendly Slack environment. Interested? Keep reading to learn how to collaborate on Freshdesk tickets within Slack and resolve customer issues faster.

Step-by-Step Guide for Collaborating on Freshdesk Tickets in Slack

Freshdesk agents in the Slack channel can collaborate with other Slack members, even those who are not Freshdesk agents. This broadens the scope of collaboration, bringing diverse insights and quicker resolutions.

  1. To start collaborating on a ticket, a Freshdesk agent must click the 'Collaborate' button below the ticket details in Slack. Note that only Freshdesk agents can invite Slack members to collaborate on tickets.
  1. Replies within the Slack channel ticket thread will automatically be added as private notes in Freshdesk. These notes include the Slack channel URL, allowing easy navigation back to the relevant Slack thread.
  2. When a reply or private note is added to a ticket in Freshdesk, a notification message is sent to the corresponding Slack channel. This message includes the ticket reply and URL, ensuring all team members are updated.

Slack and Freshdesk both offer a wide range of features, and the ability to integrate them is a powerful example. Collaborating on tickets can help customers get notifications about the status of their tickets, and agents resolve their issues faster, thus increasing overall productivity by allowing for more effective communication within your team. Here’s how ClearFeed is helping businesses scale customer support on Slack by integrating Freshdesk and Slack.

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Want to work from Slack on Freshdesk tickets?

Upgrade to ClearFeed for live 2-way sync, forms on Slack and reduce expensive agent licenses

Slack + Freshdesk
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