How to Create a Side Conversation Using Slack

ClearFeed Team

Side conversations can be initiated in Slack from the Zendesk Agent Workspace. This feature is currently in an Early Access Program (EAP). Side conversations allow you to connect with others in a Slack channel from a Zendesk ticket. 

Step 1: Open Side Conversations

In a ticket, open the context panel and click the Side conversations icon, then click the plus sign (+). If you’re not using the Agent Workspace, click the Side Conversations plus sign (+) located in the upper-left of the ticket.

Step 2: Select Slack

Choose Slack as your preferred conversation type.

Step 3: Enter Slack Channel and Message

Input the specific Slack channel and your desired message. You have the option to add attachments if necessary. 

Note: Only one Slack channel can be included in each side conversation. The list of available Slack channels may take a few moments to load if you have a large number of channels. If multiple Slack workspaces are connected to Zendesk Support, the workspace will be displayed before the channel address.

Step 4: Send Message

After finalizing your message, click "Send." Your message will be visible to the team in the selected Slack channel, and they can respond directly in the thread without logging into Zendesk Support. The replies from Slack will automatically be included in the ticket's side conversation.

Note: There may be a slight delay in updates between Slack and Zendesk ticket side conversations. The delay typically lasts about 5 seconds, but it could be up to 30 seconds or more.

Step 5: Complete the Conversation

Once the side conversation has concluded, click "Done."

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