How to comment on existing Zendesk tickets from Slack

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Ever wished you could add a comment to a new or existing ticket without logging into Zendesk? Although logging into Zendesk may not be a major hassle (since you're likely already logged in), imagine the simplicity of just sending a quick message on Slack to add a comment. 

Well, this is probably one of the coolest things you can do with your Zendesk + Slack integration. We will tell you how to add comments from Slack, which turns your Slack into a more useful support system so you can stay on top of issues for your team.

Types of Comments in Zendesk

Zendesk provides two types of comments that help you communicate effectively with your customers and internal team members.

  1. Public Comments: These comments can be read by anyone who can access the ticket, including the ticket requester and anyone else copied on the ticket. When a public comment is added, the requester is notified via email unless the notification trigger is disabled.
  2. Private Comments: Also known as internal notes, these comments are only visible to agents and not the ticket requester or other end-users who might be copied on the ticket. Private comments have a yellow background and are used to communicate internally among agents without notifying the requester.

Note: It's vital to understand that with the Zendesk-Slack integration, you can add only Private Comments (or "internal notes") from within Slack. To add Public Comments, you need to utilize the Zendesk application itself.

How to Comment on a Ticket from Slack?

There are two ways to comment on an existing ticket from Slack:

1. Add an internal note to a ticket (also called a private comment):

  1. Hover over the ticket notification message in Slack to display the options.
  2. Click the More actions icon (three-dot menu) to display the message actions.
  3. Click Add as internal note.
Image Source: Zendesk
  1. You'll find the Internal note field already populated with the initial ticket description when adding your comment. With the pre-filled Ticket number field, you can add more information to the existing description, completely delete and replace it, or modify the current text as needed in the Internal note field.
  2. Click Submit. An internal note will be added to the Zendesk Support ticket, and a new notification will be added to the original notification thread.

2. Add a comment to a ticket from a reply:

To do this, all you have to do is reply to the ticket notification in Slack and follow the same steps as mentioned above.

How Does ClearFeed Make Comments on Zendesk Tickets from Slack Easier?

ClearFeed offers seamless bi-directional synchronization between Zendesk and Slack, making customer operations more efficient across both platforms. Our integration allows you to:

  • Create Zendesk tickets from Slack by simply reacting with the 🎫 emoji to any message.
  • Comment on Zendesk tickets directly from Slack, facilitating real-time public communication.

Our system ensures swift updates between Slack and Zendesk:

  • Any conversations or replies on Slack are immediately synchronized and updated in Zendesk.
  • Meanwhile, all new comments and status updates in Zendesk are reflected in your Slack threads.

This feature grants you access to both Public and Private Comments directly in your Zendesk app, meaning you have all the customer-related communication details in one place. Explore the fundamentals of the Slack-Zendesk integration and discover how ClearFeed is improving the customer experience for our partners here.

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