How to comment on existing Zendesk tickets from Slack

ClearFeed Team

To input an internal note on an existing ticket through Slack, follow these steps:

1. Hover over the notification message or reply to see the options.

2. Click the More actions icon (shown as three dots) to view the list of actions.

3. Select Add as internal note from the dropdown menu.

4. A field labelled Internal note will appear. This field is pre-filled with the initial ticket description, and you can either add to it or erase it and write your own comment.

5. After typing your comment, hit the Submit button.

Once you've done this, your internal note will be attached to the corresponding Zendesk Support ticket. Additionally, a new notification will appear in the original notification thread in Slack. Please note that only other Zendesk agents will be able to view these internal notes.

To add a comment to a ticket from a reply, follow these steps:

Step 1: Reply to the Ticket Notification

Start by replying to the ticket notification in your Slack channel.

Step 2: Display the Options

Hover your cursor over your reply. This action will display a series of options.

Step 3: Access More Actions

Click on the icon representing 'More actions' (three vertically aligned dots). This will display a drop-down menu with various message actions.

Step 4: Add an Internal Note

From the drop-down menu, select 'Add as internal note'. This will open a form where you can enter the necessary details.

Step 5: Enter Ticket Number and Description

In the 'Add as internal note' form, fill in the 'ticket number' and 'description' fields. The 'Internal note' field will automatically be filled with the text of your reply. You can keep this text, modify it, or completely replace it.

Step 6: Submit the Internal Note

Click 'Submit' to finalize the process.

The comment will then be added to the corresponding Zendesk Support ticket and attributed to the integration's authenticator. Additionally, a new notification will appear in the original notification thread in Slack.

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