How to Uninstall the Slack App for Intercom: A Step-by-Step Guide

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Communication breakdowns cost companies time and money. According to recent statistics, poor communication results in $37 billion yearly losses for large companies alone. But there is a solution - integrating Slack with Intercom. This powerful combination streamlines conversations, connects teams, and delights customers.

Imagine this: a customer inquiry is instantly routed to the right agent. The agent can pull in subject experts on Slack without ever leaving the Intercom platform. Questions are answered quickly, customers are satisfied, and your teams stay aligned. The bottom line? Integrating Slack and Intercom transforms customer experience and boosts productivity.

However, there might be times when you need to remove the Intercom app from Slack. Some examples are the following.

  1. Unmet Expectations: If the Intercom app does not meet the business's specific needs or expectations, they might uninstall it and find an alternative solution.
  2. Usability Issues: The Intercom app may seem too complex or not user-friendly for team members, leading to the app removal.
  3. Team Preference: Some teams may prefer using another platform or find Intercom's features unsuitable for their workflow or communication style.
  4. Cost Considerations: Intercom is a paid solution, and a business may consider removing it if they find the cost outweighs the benefits.
  5. Redundancy or Overlaps in Tools: Sometimes, businesses have multiple tools for similar tasks. If there are other apps that offer the same functionality, businesses may choose to remove Intercom from Slack.
  6. Privacy Concerns: Some businesses might have privacy concerns about linking Intercom with Slack, leading them to uninstall the app.
  7. Technical Issues: There might be unexpected technical problems or conflicts between Intercom and other apps.
  8. Transition to Different Platforms: The business might migrate to other platforms that may not support the Slack and Intercom integration or offer a better solution.

Whatever the reasons, decoupling them is fast and hassle-free, and this post will help you do that.

How to Remove Slack App from Intercom

  1. To remove the Intercom app, sign in to your account and look for the Slack app. The App Store is user-friendly, making it easy to find what you need.
  1. Once you click "Uninstall," Intercom will ask why you're removing the app. After sharing your reason, you'll be instructed to type 'UNINSTALL' in capital letters to confirm your desire.
  1. After you confirm by typing 'UNINSTALL,' the Slack app will be removed from your Slack and Intercom workspaces. This action cuts off the link between the two platforms, halting the exchange of notifications and data you had set up.
  2. Once Slack is uninstalled, go to the Intercom home page, select Automation, and choose Workflows. Here, remove the ‘’Notify Slack Channel” manually.

By taking these steps, you'll smoothly remove the Slack app from your Intercom workspace, maintaining a tidy and efficient digital space for your team. Remember that removing an app is a significant choice since it changes how your team manages customer information and interactions. Once the app is uninstalled, it's good practice to evaluate your toolkit and processes to ensure they match your business objectives and workflow requirements.

Leveraging ClearFeed for Improved Communication: An Alternative to Slack-Intercom

ClearFeed is a comprehensive communication solution aimed at making conversations more efficient, organizing tasks effectively, and ensuring effortless information sharing akin to platforms like Slack and Intercom. Its blend of advanced AI-centric features and an intuitive interface sets it apart. It aims to enhance the standard communication models Slack provides for internal discussions and Intercom for customer interactions.

With Slack-Intercom integration, ClearFeed introduces several critical functionalities:

  1. Users can now swiftly create tickets in Intercom directly from Slack conversations using a simple emoji reaction, ensuring that important details and attachments are not missed.
  1. The feature ensures that any exchange, including attachments, between Slack and Intercom is automatically updated in both directions. This enables constant communication flow and ensures all team members are on the same page.
  1. Updates to tickets or queries in Intercom are instantly reflected in the linked Slack thread, allowing team members to stay informed of any developments in real time.
  1. It also facilitates private discussions within a Slack thread among team members, allowing for internal deliberations and decision-making without affecting customer information.

ClearFeed’s integration ensures a seamless experience for customers and service teams by bridging the gap between internal and external communication platforms. Interested to know more about it? Check out our detailed post here or book a demo to see it in action.

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