How to Run a Slack-First Helpdesk for Engineering Teams

Engineering teams often face the challenge of managing escalations efficiently. With the risk of SLA breaches, un-synced customer conversations, and delays in issue identification, it's crucial to have a system that keeps pace with these demands. In this webinar, learn how to streamline support escalations on Slack with a Slack-first ticketing system. 

Discover actionable strategies to manage support escalations and measure service metrics in Slack.

What we’ll cover:
Live Demo of ClearFeed's Slack-First Ticketing System for Engineering teams
Use Cases Tailored to Specific Challenges faced by Engineering teams
Sneak-peak into ClearFeed’s upcoming enhancements for the Slack-first ticketing system

Speaker: Mike Buonaspina profile pic
Ankit Jain
Co-Founder, ClearFeed
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