How to remove Zendesk Answer bot from a Slack channel

ClearFeed Team

If you need to remove Answer Bot from a Slack channel, you will need to delete it. It's important to note that deleting Answer Bot from a channel removes it from that specific channel only and is an irreversible action.

Step 1: Navigate to Apps and Integrations

In the Admin Center, click 'Apps and integrations' located in the sidebar, and then select 'Integrations > Integrations'.

Step 2: Go to the Slack Section

Once in the 'Integrations' section, find the 'Slack' section and click 'View'.

Step 3: Choose Your Workspace

Click 'Configure' under your company name.

Step 4: Open the Answer Bot Tab

In the new page that opens, find and click on the 'Answer Bot' tab.

Step 5: Delete Answer Bot from Channel

Click on the options menu (three dots) next to the channel, and then click 'Delete'.

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