How to Disconnect a Slack Workspace from Zendesk

ClearFeed Team

If you decide that you no longer want to utilize the Zendesk app within a specific Slack workspace, you'll need to disconnect the integration for that workspace. Once disconnected, you will no longer receive ticket notifications in your channels for that workspace, and you won't have the ability to create tickets from Slack. It's important to note that your configuration settings will be lost, even if you decide to reinstall the app later.

Steps to Disconnect a Slack Workspace from Zendesk

Follow the steps below to disconnect your Slack workspace from Zendesk:

Step #1: Navigate to the Admin Center in Zendesk.

Step #2: In the sidebar, click on "Apps and integrations", then select "Integrations > Integrations".

Step #3: Look for the Slack section and click on "View".

Step #4: Find the name of the Slack workspace you want to disconnect and click on "Configure" located beneath the workspace name.

Step #5: Click on "Actions", and then select "Disconnect" from the drop-down menu.

Step #6: Confirm your decision by clicking on "Disconnect" in the confirmation message.

Please remember that once you've disconnected, you will lose all configuration settings related to that workspace in the Zendesk app.

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