How to add Zendesk Answer bot to a Slack channel

ClearFeed Team

This guide provides step-by-step instructions for Zendesk administrators on how to add Answer Bot to specific public and private Slack channels. To proceed with this guide, ensure that you have installed the Slack for Zendesk integration and activated Answer Bot.

Step 1: Navigate to Apps and Integrations

In the Admin Center, click on 'Apps and integrations' located in the sidebar, and then select 'Integrations > Integrations'.

Step 2: Go to the Slack Section

Once in the 'Integrations' section, find the 'Slack' section and click on 'View'.

Step 3: Choose Your Workspace

Click on 'Configure' under the name of the Slack workspace you wish to configure.

Step 4: Open the Answer Bot Tab

In the new page that opens, find and click on the 'Answer Bot' tab.

Step 5: Add Answer Bot

Click on 'Add Answer Bot'. You will be redirected to the 'Add Answer Bot' page.

Step 6: Select the Slack Channel

In the 'Slack Channel' field, choose the channel where you want to add Answer Bot. The dropdown list shows both public and private channels that you have access to and where Answer Bot is not already set up.

Please note: The Slack channel list includes private channels of which you are a member. If the app is part of a private channel that you are not a member of, you won't see it here until you are also invited to that channel. If your private channels are not visible in Zendesk (but are in Slack), ensure you have added the Zendesk app to these channels and that your default email in Zendesk matches your Slack email address.

Step 7: Choose the Brand

In the 'Brand' field, select the brand you wish to associate with this Answer Bot.

Step 8: Select User Segments

In the 'Segments' field, choose user segments to refine article recommendations by user segment.

Step 9: Save the Changes

Click 'Save'. Answer Bot is now added to the channel.

After saving, a message will appear in the Slack channel, notifying users that Answer Bot is now available.

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