Slack & Hubspot

with ClearFeed

Effortlessly convert Slack threads and attachments to Hubspot cases. Allow customers on Slack to chat with agents on Hubspot. Combine Slack based engagement & Hubspot support effectively.

Hubspot-clearfeed integration

Pick a workflow that suits your needs

Zendesk clearfeed integration

Convert threads to Cases

Convert long Slack threads with multiple attachments to a Salesforce case with a single click. Subscribe Slack thread to important ticket updates.

Zendesk Clearfeed Integration

Chat with Agents

Empower customers to file cases from Slack and chat with Support agents from Slack Connect channels.

Keep slack tickets synced

Subscribe to Eng. updates

Link customer requests on Slack Connect channels to engineering issues on Jira/Github. Get notified of important updates and keep customers informed.

Secure from Day 1

ClearFeed was built from the ground up by an experienced team with security, privacy, and compliance prioritized from day one.

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SOC2 Type 2 Certified

Secure encryption of data