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Scaling testRigor's Customer Support on Slack with ClearFeed

With Kevin Carroll, Head of Support and QA at testRigor
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Company Goal

At testRigor, we believe that technology can do MUCH more for testing compared to what is available on the market today. Our goal is to allow our customers to have as valuable a test suite as possible with as little effort as possible.


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A fast-growing software firm that strongly believes in providing personalized and fast Support - testRigor faced growing challenges in providing Support over Slack - it’s preferred tool for customer communication. A lack of structure, integration with ticketing tools and lack of SLA alerts were some of the challenges the Support team faced. By using ClearFeed, the Support team was not only able to solve these challenges - but also able to measure key service metrics on Slack. testRigor is now able to support thousands of users on Slack in a highly responsive manner with a small team.


Founded by Artem Golubev and Enzo Carolos Biancato in 2015, testRigor offers a test automation platform that allows users to create tests using plain English. Companies use its AI-driven functional tests to scale development and lower costs. Headquartered in San Francisco, testRigor boasts of a fast-expanding customer base - and providing warm, personalized support to its customers is an important part of its business strategy. As Kevin Carroll, head of Support and QA at testRigor, said:

“We wanted support not to just be an add-on, but to be one of the reasons people actually purchase our tool”

Kevin’s team now has 8 support agents - and has been providing support to customers over Slack. The team has Slack Connect channels with scores of companies - including both customers and ongoing trials. And the total number of users from external organizations on these Slack rooms is in the thousands.

Growing Challenges

testRigor’s customers really like Slack support. According to Kevin - compared to standard ticketing systems - Slack allows resolving issues with greater immediacy and agent collaboration and information flow are more efficient in Slack. While testRigor uses Zendesk as a ticketing system - tickets are used primarily to track escalations and issues that need coordination with the Engineering team. Initial discussions with customers typically happen over Slack and most of the requests are closed there in.

But with the growing scale of Slack based Support - the team felt the need to solve some key challenges, including:

  • Lack of service metrics: The company wanted to measure and optimize the performance of its support specialists but had no metrics around Slack-based support.

  • Inability to file tickets seamlessly: Customer issues would be first discussed on Slack - and if those discussions had to be converted to tickets - customers would have to go to Zendesk and enter their problem details all over again.

  • Losing track of customer requests: Sometimes - customer messages were only noticed after a few hours. This went against the core philosophy of being highly responsive to customers.

  • Lack of structure: Simple things like assigning a request to an agent were not natively supported in Slack.

While testRigor has looked at using Zendesk’s inbuilt chat functionality to solve some of these problems - they found it was too hard to setup. And besides - customers simply prefer reaching out on Slack. Comparing it to ClearFeed, Kevin remarked that all the agents understood how to use ClearFeed in one 30-minute onboarding session - whereas it took several meetings to understand how to set Zendesk up - and yet ending up with a less than ideal experience. Contrary to common wisdom - the simplicity of Slack + ClearFeed makes it more scalable than regular Ticketing solutions.

How ClearFeed Benefited TestRigor

ClearFeed provided TestRigor with a comprehensive solution that addressed their key challenges, enabling them to maintain personalized support on Slack while scaling their operations. After deploying ClearFeed, the Support team has been able to:

  • Get robust metrics: ClearFeed offered TestRigor the ability to track and analyze essential metrics for their support specialists. This feature allowed them to optimize their support system and ensure their team's performance met expectations.

  • Assign and Track Requests: By using  ClearFeed Triage Channels, testRigor was able to streamline the process of assigning customer messages/requests to individual agents. Agents can use the triage channel to easily find unassigned requests and to check their personal work queues.

  • Seamlessly create Tickets from Slack: With ClearFeed, support agents can just take the conversation that they have had with a customer - and convert it into a Zendesk ticket. Aside from reducing manual work - ticket updates are also synced back into Slack - keeping all stakeholders informed.

  • Get alerts before SLA breaches: testRigor gets notified immediately on every new customer request and has also set up to receive alerts before any response time SLA is breached.

As Kevin summarized:

“We have thousands of users in our Slack workspace and we are able to support them using a small team - because we are doing it in Slack and using ClearFeed. It allows us to be able to organize ourselves in such a way that few agents can support many people at the same time.”

Recognition and Praise

TestRigor's commitment to exceptional support was acknowledged both internally and externally. The company's CEO praised the support team's performance. Kevin cited a recent customer case study:

“In a recent case study, the customer cited our support as the number one reason they chose us over competing tools. They said our support was so good, how could they not want to work with us!”

This positive feedback validated TestRigor's decision to invest in ClearFeed as a vital part of its support infrastructure.

"More metrics, more info is always appreciated"

Feedback for ClearFeed

Aside from the fact that ClearFeed has been very easy to onboard and use - testRigor loves the support the ClearFeed team itself provides:

“We can see that you guys also use Clear Feed because your support has been really exemplary as well. I'm really happy with where we are and how we can now scale with ClearFeed!”

TestRigor has seen significant improvements in its support experience since implementing ClearFeed, and they continue to explore new ways to enhance its system. Some features they would like to see in ClearFeed include:

  • Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) Integration: TestRigor is eager to see the introduction of a CSAT feature in ClearFeed, as it would allow them to measure customer satisfaction and further improve their support experience. This feature is already in the works and is considered a top priority for TestRigor.

  • Automatic Ticket Assignment: TestRigor expressed interest in a feature that would automatically assign a ticket to the agent who responds to it. ClearFeed was able to quickly implement this feature, addressing one of TestRigor's key concerns in just a matter of weeks.

  • Broadcasting Messages Across Channels: Although ClearFeed has the ability to make Announcements to multiple channels at once, testRigor hasn’t fully utilized this feature. Exploring this functionality further could help them communicate more easily with their customers.

  • Microsoft Teams Support: Many of testRigor’s customers work on Microsoft Teams. They would love to see Teams integration supported in ClearFeed.

By continually working with ClearFeed to develop new features and improve existing ones, TestRigor aims to maintain its commitment to providing exceptional, personalized customer support.

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