How to create Zendesk tickets in a Slack Connect channel

ClearFeed Team

Creating tickets in a Slack Connect channel using the @zendesk mention is straightforward. This method is handy for both internal and external users. Remember that the Zendesk integration should be enabled in the channel to create a ticket. Follow the steps below to create a ticket in a Slack Connect channel.

For emoji-based or automated ticket creation check out ticket creation using ClearFeed.

Step #1: Mention @zendesk in a Message

Start by typing your message in a Slack Connect channel. Mention @zendesk within the body of your message.

Step #2: Respond to the Integration's Prompt

If you are an internal user, the Zendesk integration will respond to your message with a new message that includes a button to create a new ticket. If you're an external user, the workspace icon will be included in the integration's response.

Step #3: Initiate the Ticket Creation

Click on the "Create a ticket" button. This action will open up the 'Create new ticket' form.

Step #4: Fill Out the 'Create New Ticket' Form

In this form, you need to fill out the following fields:

- Subject: Enter a brief, succinct subject for your ticket.

- Requester: The ticket requester is usually the user creating the ticket. If you need to specify a different requester, you can do so by searching for other Slack users in this field.

- Assignee (optional): This field will not be visible to external users. If you are an internal user, you can assign the ticket to a specific Zendesk group by typing in this field. A list of matching groups will be displayed as you type.

- Description: This field is for a more detailed explanation of the issue. Enter the necessary details here.

Step #5: Submit the Ticket

After filling out the necessary details, click "Submit". This action will generate a new ticket in Zendesk Support. 

The newly created ticket will be attached to the Slack thread as a reply, containing the relevant Zendesk metadata (such as the ticket number, status, priority, and date/time). Note that in Slack Connect channels, the assignee field is not included in the metadata.

If you are looking for capabilities beyond this such as creating a ticket from a Slack thread with attachments, then check out our Slack Zendesk Integration and how we compare to the native integration.

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